Tuesday, March 20, 2007


SOLD at Macey Center Socorro Art Show 2007, $50. along with "Raul." They seemed to be a cute set together.


SOLD at Macey Center Socorro Art Show 2007, for $50, along with "Rhonda." they were a cute set together.

"Aunt Maude"


About "Familiar Faces"

I've scribbled all my life. These "familiar faces" are what happens when a scribbling kid grows up but never gets beyond scribbling! Though these watercolor-and-ink scribblings may remind you of someone you know in real life, they're all straight out of my head--with the exception of "Al" and "Young Joseph."

That is, I guess I should say that any resemblance to actual people is, strictly speaking, coincidental. Nobody sits to pose for them. I put pen to the blank paper, and in a minute or so, out they come. I look at them and wonder who they are for awhile...

Then, fitting names arrive. These names come to me from the same place as these familiar people do--my bizarre imagination. If your name is the same as one of these, I hope you take no offense. Instead, I hope you get a laugh! Maybe a wry laugh, but, hey--laugh!

Oh, guess I should mention that the originals are for sale. Contact me (see my profile) for details. They're 8x10s. barbszabo@gmail.com.